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Sustainability as a success factor

Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and profitability are the three cornerstones of Aebi Schmidt’s guiding principle. Aebi Schmidt thus combines its high standards of customer and employee satisfaction with the goal of efficient and profitable business operations. Sustainability – regarded as long-term business success – is an integral part of Aebi Schmidt’s corporate identity. “External tendering requirements of major customers such as communities, municipalities, airports and agriculture confirm Aebi Schmidt’s sustainability strategy: This issue plays an important role in the company.”

Improved processes

Customer value is a key factor for the success of Aebi Schmidt. For this reason, the business processes are constantly improved and product costs as well as innovative solutions are continuously optimised. All Aebi Schmidt business locations have been ISO 9001-certified since 2009. In 2013, 22 internal audits were conducted; substantial progress in the development of the quality management system was attested for all audited business locations. As a supplement to process management, the internal control system (ICS) of Aebi Schmidt comprises all processes, methods, measures, regulations and activities prescribed by the Board of Directors and the Group Management in order to ensure proper business operations. The ICS, which has been effective since 2009, covers 80% of Aebi Schmidt’s sales volume and employees. The factories and the sales organisations in Holten and Leimuiden (Netherlands) as well as the sales organisations in Peterborough (England) and Fiume Veneto (Italy) are additionally certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001. Internal audits and the annual management reviews are used to appraise and define future quality and process improvements. Aebi Schmidt is known by its customers for being dedicated to high quality; corresponding customer audits were passed successfully by the company.

Clear rules of conduct

Since 2010, a group-wide code of conduct has been in place governing the proper behaviour in business practices, fair dealings with competitors and business partners and appropriate behaviour among all employees.

The employees are given a clear set of rules to comply with voluntary and mandatory measures. Every new employee signs this code of conduct upon recruitment and about 90% of all existing employees have already done so as well. New training courses on the code of conduct and on compliance in general are planned. The rules of conduct are reviewed as part of the risk management process. In 2013, the code of conduct was violated, which entailed the dismissal of three employees. The company was not involved in any lawsuits for anti-competitive practices, nor were there any fines or nonmonetary penalties for violations of other rules or regulations.

External recognition

The achievements of Aebi Schmidt are also regularly acknowledged elsewhere. Every year, 23 European specialised journalists select the best tractors in three categories as part of the “Tractor of the Year” competition. In the year under review, the new Aebi VT450 Vario, a premium product by Aebi Burgdorf, was selected as “Best of Specialized”. Safety, operational comfort and outstanding driveability convinced the panel of experts and earned the Aebi VT450 Vario this valuable award.