Long-term business success as part of the corporate identity

Sustainability is integrated in Aebi Schmidt’s identity as long-term business success. By implementing the values of its guiding principle, the company therefore substantially contributes to making public infrastructure and agriculture more sustainable. In this guiding principle, Aebi Schmidt combines its high standards of customer and employee satisfaction with the goal of more efficient and profitable processes. All three aspects of the guiding principle are specifically implemented: customer satisfaction through the market presence as problem-solver, employee satisfaction through flat hierarchies, further training programmes and structural measures and profitability as a result. Furthermore, external tendering requirements of communities, municipalities, airports and agriculture also set great store by sustainability.


Continuous process improvements

Innovative solutions and distinguishing features for products and services to stand out against competitors are crucial to further increase the customer benefit. In this respect, Aebi Schmidt is able to constantly improve through optimised product costs and continuously improved business processes. All Aebi Schmidt locations have been ISO 9001-certified since 2009. In the reporting year 2012, all repeat audits were successfully conducted. Substantial progress in the development of the quality management system was attested for all business locations. In supplement to process management, the internal controls system (ICS) of Aebi Schmidt comprises all processes, methods, measures, regulations and activities prescribed by the Board of Directors and the Group Management in order to ensure proper business operations. The ICS, which has been effective since 2009, is introduced into the group to cover 80% of Aebi Schmidt’s sales volume and employees. The factory and the sales organisation in Holten (Netherlands) as well as the sales organisations in Peterborough (United Kingdom) and Fiume Venete (Italy) are additionally certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001. Internal audits and the annual management review are used to appraise and define future quality and process improvements, the goals being to improve customer quality and reduce warranty costs. Aebi Schmidt is also known by its partners and customers for being dedicated to high quality. For example, Aebi Schmidt successfully passed the VW audit and is now classified as VW premium partner. A system audit of Mercedes-Benz-Van was also conducted with a positive result, making Aebi Schmidt an official prime contractor partner.


Clear rules of conduct

Since 2010, there has been a group-wide code of conduct governing the proper behaviour in business practices, fair dealings with competitors and business partners and ap-propriate behaviour within the group. This also includes avoidance of discrimination and observance of the high environmental and data protection standards. The employees are given a clear set of rules to comply with voluntary and mandatory measures. Every new employee signs this code of conduct upon recruitment and about 90% of all existing employees have already done so as well. Further specific trainings are planned for 2013. The rules of conduct are reviewed as part of the risk management process; in Poland and Holland, there is an additional compliance process based on the code of conduct. During the year under review, Aebi Schmidt was not involved in any lawsuits for anti-competitive practices, nor were there any fines or nonmonetary penalties for violations of other rules or regulations. 


External recognition

Alongside the high degree of customer satisfaction and the positive rating by our partners in the automobile industry, the achievements of Aebi Schmidt are also frequently acknowledged and honoured elsewhere. With its Total Lifetime Care Marketing Programme, Aebi Schmidt UK was a finalist in the category “Customer Experience” at the annual Marketing Award of the renowned Chartered Institute of Marketing. The partnerships of Aebi Schmidt are also successful: The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) model, a business model of Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) allowing third-party manufacturers to use their technology received the Quality Innovation of the Year Award of the Swedish Institute for Quality SIQ in November 2012. One of the success stories of the OEM is a biogas-powered airport snow plough delivered by Aebi Schmidt to Swedavia, a group that owns, operates and develops 11 airports in Sweden. Moreover, Aebi was awarded with the Prix Passerelle d’intégration 2012 in the year under review.

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