Thinking holistically, developing with foresight, working sustainably.

The ASH Group is an innovative manufacturer of special-purpose vehicles and attachments that take a leading position in their respective markets and whose technological excellence enhances customer value. Combined with reliable services, customers thereby receive optimum solutions of lasting value.


Subjects such as economic efficiency, sustainability and environmental protection are top priority. The motto of “thinking holistically, developing with foresight, working sustainably” is reflected in all our activities. Thinking ahead and acting in a responsible manner are therefore the main pillars of economic success. Ecological and social sustainability throughout the value chain, comprehensive product stewardship and a clear commitment to conserving natural resources are firmly integrated in the ASH Group’s corporate strategy.

In this strategic environment, the three main pillars of the ASH Group’s guiding principle are customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and profitability. Customer satisfaction is a crucial success factor in every company. It is directly related to the benefit subjectively perceived by customers while using the products, but it is also an indicator of the quality of the entire service package consisting of advisory services, service quality, emergency management and much more.

Our employees are considered our most important asset, which is why their satisfaction is of essential significance. They want to take responsibility and take care of challenging tasks, so their skills should be utilised and promoted accordingly, while being motivated and given the decision-making powers required for their work.

Adequate profit and liquidity is not only indispensable for shareholder satisfaction, but is also the basic prerequisite for healthy growth and for necessary investments in new products, new production infrastructures or employee training.


Certifications and clear rules of conduct

Since 2009, all business locations of the ASH Group have been ISO 9001-certified. The business processes are improved continuously and the Internal Control System (ICS) comprises all processes, measures, regulations and activities to ensure proper business operations. All processes within the Division Schmidt are reviewed and improved by means of the “Fit for tomorrow” programme. The factories and the sales organisations in Holten and Leimuiden (Netherlands) as well as the sales organisations in Peterborough (UK) and Fiume Veneto (Italy) are additionally certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard. The Division Schmidt also meets the ISO 3834 (Welding) and the ISO 26001 (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards. By means of the group-wide code of conduct that has been in place since 2010, all employees are given a clear set of rules to comply with voluntary and mandatory measures. Every new employee signs this code of conduct upon recruitment and about 90% of all existing employees have already done so as well. In Germany, the management’s awareness was raised for subjects such as proper behaviour in the business environment, fair dealings with competitors and business partners as well as appropriate behaviour among all employees. As a rule, all new employees of the ASH Group receive training in the field of compliance. An e-learning programme regarding compliance is additionally planned for 2015.

In 2014, there were no violations of the code of conduct. The company was not involved in any lawsuits for anti-competitive practices, nor were there any fines or nonmonetary penalties for violations of other laws or regulations.

External recognition

In 2014, we were again pleased with the regular external recognition of our achievements. For example, the Supra 5002 snow cutter blower was honoured with the German Design Award in the category “Excellent Product Design / Transportations and Public Design – Special Mention 2015” (see p. 18 for more information on the Supra 5002). In November, the international panel of experts also selected the Terratrac Aebi TT211 among the top 5 for the “Tractor of the Year” award in the category “Best of Specialized”.