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Traxos 15 VCXN (Attachable spreader)

ARION - De-icing

The Traxos 15 VCXN attachable spreader has been specifically designed for de-icing municipal areas. Its advantages: It can be rapidly mounted and filled and, above all, it is easy to operate. Since both abrasive gritting material as well as dry and wet salt can be used with the Traxos 15 VCXN, it is extremely versatile in application.

The Traxos 15 VCXN needs no individual drive, as it is powered by the ARION hydraulic system. The gritting material slips safely to the bottom of the V-shaped hopper, from there onto the open screw conveyer and the spreading disc made of V2A stainless steel. The spreading range between 2.0 and 6.0 m as well as spreading density of thawing materials between 5 g/m2 and 40 g/m2 and of abrasive materials between 40 g/m2 und 300 g/m2 can be infinitely adjusted. This can be done both mechanically and by means of the CX control panel in the driver’s cab.

The brine tank is made of impact-proof polyethylene (PE), is equipped with a level indicator and has a capacity of 430 l. The integrated brine pump exhibits a dry-run protection and works with automatic speed reduction when spreading wet salt.

Since the attachable spreader is powered by the vehicle’s hydraulic system, the Traxos 15 VCXN works completely road speed related and has a closed-loop control system. This ensures exact dosage in all conditions.


For further technical information and assessories please download the leaflet (PDF).

Technical data

Traxos 15 VCXN
Hopper size (m³) 1.5
Brine tank (l) 430
Weight unloaded (kg) 660
Full weight (kg) 2,950 (Grit plus brine)