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Street cleaning

World wide, Schmidt is the supplier with the largest product range of sweepers and cleansing vehicles aiming at the efficient cleaning of pavements, inner-city areas and roads.

Swingo 200+ -3-Besen-Maschine

Road repair

With the special Schmidt road repair machines, potholes, cracks and other types of road surface damage are quickly and efficiently eliminated.


Municipal technology

Suitable for operation on pavements, ground conserving, designed for steep slopes and versatile Aebi offers complete solutions for challenging as well as everyday situations, for efficient and cost-effective work all year round. Aebi is a partner you can trust for the mechanized care of turf and grassed areas, of embankments, for snow clearance and sweeping of roads, pavements and open spaces. And with our sophisticated engineering and good ideas, we are always one step ahead of the competition.

Aebi VT450

Attachments for Mercedes-Benz Unimog

Unimog and Schmidt ‐ Two strong partners for versatile and unique product solutions. For sweeping and street cleaning in municipal or the urban area: Anyone who is looking for reliable summer maintenance technology should not make any compromises with the application possibilities or the technical standards - the close cooperation between Unimog and Schmidt guarantees an equally unique and versatile product range for any requirement.

Schmidt SK350, Unimog

Attachments for tractors

Clean streets are not only important because of the visual appearance: this is the only way to ensure that e.g. the rain can run off without obstructions. Schmidt sweepers for tractors are solid workers that offer the appropriate solution for any type of dirt.