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MFH 2500

Compact Sweeper

MFH2500 does a great job and is kind to the environment.

The side nozzle with its 20 bar water pressure will clean anything that escapes the front brush. The flushing bar is attached directly onto the front brush. With its 20 or 50 bar pressure and a water tank capacity of 2200 litres, no dirt is safe with the MFH2500 around. It has a flushing width of up to 260 cm. long-lasting design and the many useful features testify to Aebi MFH's decades of experience in the development and production of top quality sweeping machines.

The Aebi MFH2500 represents the latest generation of road sweepers and allows greater working efficiency.

With small sweeper dimensions and big sweeper punch, it is perfectly suited to coping with the varied demands of work around town.

With a hopper capacity of 2m3, the Aebi MFH2500 is the perfect road sweeper for combined use in narrow streets and pavements. High payload reserves guarantee that full use is made of the dirt hopper's capacity, resulting in fewer emptying runs.

One of its unique features is the virtually enclosed Koanda blowing & suction system from Aebi MFH. It almost completely eliminates the emission of fine dust in the exhaust air and brings many additional operating benefits.

Fitted with special features for high-pressure wet cleaning, clearing weeds or attachments for winter service, the MFH 2500 can be used for an array of extra jobs all year round, doing away with the need for expensive manual labour.

The sturdy design of the front brush makes it capable of operating a weed brush, saving laborious manual work

The high quality components used, the sturdy.

Technical data

MFH 2500
Engine (kW/HP) Iveco F1C Common Rail EURO 5, 80 kW, 109 PS, 3.0 l
Length with front brush (cm) 500
Width without brush (cm) 129
Height (mm) 2000 (2020)
Sweeping width with front brush (cm) 140 - 260
Hopper capacity (l) ca. 2000
Transit speed (km/h) 45 km/h (40 km/h)
Max. gradient (%) 25 % (30 %)
Water tank (l) 450
Dieseltank (l) 65

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