Aebi Schmidt - Successful together

The merger of the Swiss Aebi Group and the German Schmidt Group in 2007 joined two companies with a long history full of tradition. The merger created a powerful corporate group with currently about 1650 employees, substantially contributing with its products to the cleanness and safety of traffic routes and producing important aids for the cultivation of sensitive agricultural areas.

Aebi Schmidt is focussing on the European market where with 12 of its own sales companies it provides comprehensive customer proximity. In addition there are around 100 authorized dealers worldwide so that geographical coverage of all important countries in the world is assured.

The development and manufacturing of the products is concentrated at the four competence centers (production sites) in Switzerland (Burgdorf), Germany (St. Blasien), the Netherlands (Holten) and Poland (Kielce).

Our products and services are designed to meet the requirements of our customers. Aebi Schmidt manufactures and sells technologically leading vehicles and implements for the segments:


- Municipal winter service

- Municipal summer service

- Special machines for airports for cleaning aircraft operating areas

- Special machines for agriculture

- Customized services